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What is the admission process at Living Rose?

After scheduling a tour, the Assisted Living Administrator will meet with the potential new resident and the resident’s family (if applicable) to review our resident agreement. If Living Rose seems to be a good fit, the resident may move in after the agreed-upon date, pay the first month’s rent, and complete the initial assessment. Rent will be pro-rated if the move-in date is after the first day of billing for the month.


Is there an admission fee or deposit required?

Living Rose charges a $500 admission fee, which includes the registered nurse fee to complete initial and subsequent assessments. Living Rose does not require a deposit.


Does Living Rose provide respite care?

Yes. We offer temporary respite care for the following situations:
1. When an individual is discharged from a hospital but would like some extra rest and care before returning to their own home
2. When a potential resident would like to spend a few days or longer at Living Rose before committing to moving into Living Rose
3. Offer caregivers a safe and entertaining place to bring their loved one while they go on vacation or take a little time to themselves.


How does Living Rose determine which activities to plan for the residents?

We cater to our resident’s interests. Each resident can let us know what entertainment and activities they want to participate in each day. For example, we have residents that enjoy reading, so we make outings to local libraries to read and check out books. Other interests are gardening and crafts.
We only have, at most, five residents at a time, which allows us flexibility for each of our residents.


Are the facilities at Living Rose commercial buildings?

No. Our facility is a quiet and cozy residential home, not a commercial building.


How many rooms does Living Rose have?

Living Rose has three bedrooms: two semi-private and one private.


Are the rooms at Living Rose private or semi-private?

Living Rose offers both private and semi-private rooms.


What is included in a furnished room?

Rooms come fully furnished with a comfortable bed, mattress, mattress cover, sheets, pillows, heavy blanket and throw pillow, headboard, wall décor, bedside table, lamp, dresser, comfortable folding chair, blinds, curtains, laundry basket, waste basket, and hangers.


Am I able to personalize my room?

Yes! While we do furnish our rooms with welcoming items, you are the one who makes your room personal. Residents are encouraged to personalize their room with pictures, favorite décor items, etc.


Are visitors welcome?

Yes. Not only do we allow visitors, but we encourage them. You can even stay for lunch or dinner – always a home-cooked, organic meal – free of charge.


What type of food is served at Living Rose?

Living Rose only serves the best! All meals are handmade daily, with fresh and wholesome, organic ingredients. We do not believe in serving pre-fabricated food.


Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed at the discretion of the Administrator. However, typically we do accommodate the care of a pet.


We truly stand behind what we advertise. Our heart is to care for your loved one as if they were our own. We strive to create a peaceful and caring environment with tailored care for each person.

The Living Rose Difference


My Mother-in-love lives here, She has been there for three years, she’s very comfortable there it’s more of a home feeling, all of the residents are taken very good care of. I’m very thankful that we did this instead of a nursing home. With it being small, you get to know all of the residents and see how well they are being taken care of. I highly recommend Living Rose.

-Sherry | 5/5 Stars

Living Rose Christian Assisted Living
1108 N. Fern Ave, Broken Arrow, OK 74012

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