October 10, 2021

Knowing When it’s Time to Move a Parent to Assisted Living

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Knowing When it’s Time to Move a Parent to Assisted Living

Sometimes it’s hard to be told that we need help. When grown children begin to feel that their parents need more care than can be provided by friends and family, the ensuing discussions can be challenging and emotional. Aging parents tend to deny that they are experiencing problems, but when daily activities become so difficult that the family fears for their safety, it is imperative to explore a new living arrangement.

Throughout this process, it is wise to involve the parent in the decision-making process so that they don’t feel helpless. Take into consideration the parent’s desires, but also be sure to point out the benefits of moving to the best assisted living home.

Warning Signs

The primary concern of adult children is the safety of their older parents. Signs that an elderly parent is having problems include:

  • Neglected hygiene
  • Repeatedly wearing the same clothes
  • Frequent bruises
  • Weight loss

These problems are signals that the senior is struggling to perform basic tasks, such as food preparation, bathing, and laundry. In addition, as mobility decreases, the dangers of falling become imminent. All of these issues could be potentially physically harmful, so it is important to emphasize the medical protection offered by assisted living services such as Living Rose Christian Assisted Living Home in Broken Arrow, OK.

Another serious problem may be deteriorating memory and confusion. These symptoms can also create depression, so pay close attention to an elderly parent’s mental state. The proper assisted living in Broken Arrow can provide appropriate medical attention for these issues.


Although the change may be frightening, elderly parents may find that an assisted living home in Broken Arrow is preferable. For instance, aging seniors may be exhausted from running an entire household on their own. An assisted living facility will relieve them from many of the responsibilities that come with owning a home.

In addition, as driving becomes more challenging, a sense of isolation and loneliness often comes over seniors. Assisted living services provide the elderly with a new social life and the freedom gained by the inclusion of transportation services. Entertaining amenities such as gyms, social activities, swimming pools, and hobby groups allow seniors to interact with a community.

Be Prepared

As the move draws closer, children should assist their parent to prepare themselves mentally and emotionally. It is normal for elderly parents to grieve the loss of their home and independence. Therapy or counseling is often helpful in these situations.

Conducting thorough research can be profitable as well. The children should research whether independent living or assisted living is better for their parent, as well as finding which assisted living facility is best suited to meet the needs of the parent.

Consider choosing the benefits of the highly personalized services offered at Living Rose Christian Assisted Living Home.