Why Choose an Assisted Living Home?

There are many reasons why facilities—such as assisted living homes—exist for seniors and the elderly. The primary reason for an assisted living home like Living Rose Christian Assisted Living Home is to improve the senior’s quality of life. It is a fact of life; as we get older, we require more assistance to accomplish the activities of daily life. When the chores of daily living such as maintaining good personal hygiene, getting dressed, maneuvering around the house, grocery shopping, and running errands become too difficult to manage alone, the staff at Broken Arrow assisted living by Living Rose is here to deliver personal care services that your loved one needs and wants.

More often than not, the task or responsibility to care for elderly people falls on the family members of that person, which doesn’t always create the best scenario. Much of the time, family members are very busy, especially in our fast-paced society. Family members who attempt to provide this extra need for assistance quickly realize that in order to provide the right kind of care, they must neglect other important responsibilities. When parents of young children attempt to take on this task, many times the children risk losing the time that they need with Mom or Dad, which can result in other problems that could potentially arise in the future.

Another obvious reason why there is such an enormous demand for assisted living homes is because most of the family members of elderly people have jobs and careers that keep them busy the majority of their week and have very little free time to properly care for their loved one. Even though it is common for family members to feel obligated, if asked, most seniors that require additional care and attention will express their desire for their younger family members to develop in their careers and have the best opportunities to succeed in life.

Assisted Living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Assisted living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, by Living Rose provides the peace of mind to family members of an elderly loved one by improving their quality of life, safety, and security in their latter years. In addition to supplying only healthy, organic meals, scheduled transportation, and the necessities of daily living, Living Rose offers a variety of amenities that enhance our resident’s lifestyle. In addition to around-the-clock nursing supervision and a medical doctor who is available 24/7, we extend personal laundry service, cable television, daily housekeeping, monthly hair appointments, and many more assisted living services.